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  1. Nikki
    27 March, 2012

    Sounds like a great book!!

  2. Have Sippy Will Travel Mommy Blogger
    27 March, 2012

    that sounds like a fun read!

  3. Shairbearg
    27 March, 2012

    I hadn’t read a lot but since I am a blogger, I get sent books all the time. It forces me to take the time to read!

  4. Aly
    27 March, 2012

    Lol, those are my same thoughts whenever I get a book to read. Its hard for me to find the time to sit down and actually read it. I’m glad you like it though!

  5. Minta
    14 March, 2012

    I’m following the tour..the book sounds like a good read.


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