My Daughter and her Suzy Smart Doll

A few weeks back my daughter turned 6 years old, this was one of the gifts from her Grandpa.  It’s a Suzy Smart doll from the 1960’s.  It belonged to his mom, my daughter’s Great-Grandma, who passed away at the beginning of this year.

I can remember seeing this doll in my Grandma’s house… it means so much to me to have it passed down to one of my own daughters.

Vintage doll


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  1. Lyn Hensel says:

    Every December I check EBAY to see how many Suzy Smart Dolls are listed. I still have my doll but no accessories or clothing and of course her voice stopped long ago. My Favorite Doll of all time. I wish I could have her repaired.

  2. iris E castro says:

    I would love to own one. I will be 60 this November. Let me know where I can purchase one. My mother gave me this doll for my 9th birthday and we lost it back moving around in New York. The picture brought tears to my heart.

  3. Milagros Rivera says:

    I had her I believe she is missing a plaid cap. I was an asthmatic child so my doll and I were together a lot. I missed so much school I was taught at home by family members. I want to know what company made her. I now have a granddaughter who is 3 and would like to buy her. Thank You for great memories!

  4. Cindy Thomas says:

    I soooo remember this doll…in fact it was the first doll I ever remember getting as a girl around 5 yrs old. My mom told me that my parents were trying to “girly” up their little tomboy. I hated it!! LOL..My mom had to put it up (and didn’t think and hid it in my closet with the batteries still in..where it started to talk and woke me up from my sleep! “Chucky” has nothing on this doll to me!! LOL!! No changing a tomboy wanting what her older brother got!

  5. Patricia ward says:

    I also had a Susie Smart I loved it so much ,I found a doll that looks just like her in a ABC Dristributing catalog A few years ago she doesn’t talk but she has a desk & books she looks just like the doll it’s self is porcelain she has glasses & long hair ,I love to sit and tell my granddaughter about the fun I had with my Susie Smart ,I also had three brothers that didnt like dolls so you know what that means!!!!!!

  6. Cathy says:

    I remember getting a Susie Smart doll for Christmas when I was young.
    I still remember her and what she said, My name is Susie Smart, what’s
    your name. She recited Twinkle Twinkle little star at the end.
    I wish I still had her today. I think my Mom bought her at the
    grocery store. It is a fond memory of my childhood.

    • Susie B. Homemaker says:

      I wish the one we have still worked. I wasn’t sure what she originally said so thanks for sharing. :) I put a new battery in just because I had to try but it doesn’t work anymore. lol I’d love for my daughter to be able to hear her talk.

        • Angie Hathaway says:

          Oh yeah my family always bought me dolls that would help out with school because I did not want to go to school I started school early.I loved playing with dolls. I had a great childhood.

    • Angie Hathaway says:

      You’re exactly right I love her she still looks good for an old girl. I wish I could find the outfit again and desk and send her to get her voice repaired. I took her everywhere. I still have Chatty Cathy and trying to replace peebles.

  7. Rita says:

    Oh Wow…this sure brings back some great memories. I remember getting this doll for Christmas back in the 60’s. I first saw her at Williams Grocery (a store about 1/2 block from our house) in Humboldt, TN on a high shelf above the meat counter. Everyday I would go in and stare at this doll wishing she was mine. I think Mr. Williams told my grandparents (who raised me) because on Christmas morning, Santa had put her under the tree. I sure wish I still had her. Looking back this definitely was my favorite and most played with doll.

    • Susie B. Homemaker says:

      What a great memory to have! I always loved going to my grandparents house and seeing my grandma’s dolls. We weren’t allowed to play with them but every once in awhile she’d get them down and let us look at them. I hope my daughter will cherish it and realize how special it is.

  8. Joni says:


    I have a Suzy Smart Doll I got for Christmas back in the 60’s The only thing missing now is the blackboard. Mine great daughter will be playing with it soon.

  9. shaaronie says:

    I recieved this doll for a christmas present at 4 years old back in 1962. My 5 year old cousin bragged that her doll could walk and not wanting to be outdone, I claimed that my doll could talk although I did not know as of yet that this was true. She ran to my grandmother with my claim and I was as astonished as she was to hear my grandmother say that my Suzy Smart Doll could indeed talk. My grandmother pulled a string in the back of the doll and out came “Hi, I am suzy smart”. I almost peed myself. No one had ever heard of a talking doll! I played with her until I was 13 and when we moved, I put her in the trash. She is probably worth a lot of money now.

  10. PHaedrich says:

    My sister and I got the Susie Smart one Christmas. They are long gone, but we always talk bout them being our favorite dolls. We played alot of school. Does yours still talk? Thanks for posting so we could see her once again.

    • Susie B. Homemaker says:

      Ours doesn’t talk- I wish it still did. It’s interesting though to see which toys were iconic in each generation. Being in our 30’s my sisters and I talk about our Rainbow Brite dolls that we used to have as being our favorite dolls. I wish I still had that one too. It’s great to be able to pass Susie Smart down to one of my daughters and maybe someday my grand-daughter as well.

      • Nancy says:

        I still have my Susy Smart and can recite every phrase. I got her for Christmas and because we had a large family and not a lot of money we only got one toy each. I can remember it like it was yesterday but it was actually 54 years ago. I took very good care of my dolls and still have many of them. he desk and blackboard were thrown away when we moved one year and I never forgave my stepfather for that and then her recording box was broken when my brothers used her for a football but I hid her because all broken toys were thrown away to avoid clutter and managed to keep her all these years.

  11. Mom 4 Real says:

    What I wouldn’t give to have my Grandmother’s dolls! She passed one down to me when I was a little girl, and I didn’t take very good care of it. My daughter on the other hand, takes excellent care of her American Girl dolls! Visiting and now following on GFC via I Love Blogging Hop…hop on over to my blog and follow back if you like!

    Jessica K

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